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One of the topics of conversation on Quora is pretty messed up. And the some of the people responding are those that fit in the `I'm Entitled` group. If I go out and work, and make a paycheck. I'm no longer in the minority that is broke at the end of the week. Then there's the minority that wants … Read More
The public lead scare in the City of Jackson came after a whistle blower by the name of Jonathan Yaeger, who worked for Jackson Public Works Department released information about a possible source to the Clarion Ledger. He was terminated for issuing a statement on record to the Clarion Ledger about … Read More
City Officials and Departments playing the blame game is something a child would do and is not a professional practice that should be taken up by the cities of Jackson and Clinton. The high speed chase that took place a few days ago could have been handled differently if the Clinton Dispatch offi… Read More
The boil water notice that was suppose to expire today has been extended for a portion of Jackson, MS. This comes after the shutdown at the J.H. Fewell Water Treatment Plant that left many residents without water and now, still without clean water. The city's current water woes isn't the first time… Read More
The City of Jackson has issued a Boil Water notice for all residents of the Capital City after resolving the power outage at one water plant and a leak resulting in low to no pressure at another. If you've traveled through the Capital City on State Street, Old Canton Road, or Woodrow Wilson Ave, yo… Read More
Hello folks, I wanted to touch base regarding the news story that aired on WJTV Friday, December 4th, 2015, regarding Uber. The cab driver in the interview was complaining that Uber drivers was taking money out of his pocket by picking up at the airport. As it stands since July 8th 2015, Uber drive… Read More
I saw a YouTube video that was posted by UberMan comparing being an Uber Driver and driving a Big Truck. I was going to make a post on this but never got around to it. What Randy said was correct. Let's break the pay down so you can see the similarities and who makes more compared to who has more e… Read More
Today I accepted an Uber request from PAX that needed to go to Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport in Jackson, MS. Dropping them off was pretty much a hitch because as always, Uber is allowed to drop off passengers at this airport. After unloading their luggage and driving away from the… Read More
Most of the cabbies, in my area, I've spoken to in passing, has been friendly. While I've not had the pleasure of talking to any of them in depth, I somehow put myself in the line of fire with an independent cab driver Friday night. I shouldn't be worried about someone who's a Military Vet that has … Read More
   After driving for Uber for several months, I have received a promo code that I would like to offer my website visitors the same privilege of using Uber for transportation or driving for Uber if you qualify. Sign up to drive for Uber and use the code below. Receive a bonus after compl… Read More