Starting Friday, October 21st, Uber will be rolling out UberXL for the Jackson Area. Drivers need not do anything, if their vehicle qualifies, to be able to accept both UberX and UberXL trip requests. Minimum fare is $7.65. Base Fare is $3.50 Per Mile is $1.90 Per Minute is $0.20 The potent… Read More
New unfair practices story was told by Randy Lee Shear (Uber Man) on YouTube about charging what Uber call's an "initial fare" to passengers that reflects a huge difference between the rate drivers are paid and charges to the passengers. The YouTube video can be viewed below. A notable differe… Read More
You too can be an Uber Partner by signing up though the referral link below and earn a signup bonus up to $250. Earn money driving for Uber. Uber offering bonus to switch for Lyft drivers. Part time drivers wanted.Earn extra cash. Become… Read More
This is your friendly, neighborhood, action news reporter, reporting on news from Meridian to Vicksburg, from Southaven to Biloxi. I've had a lot going on in my life, as of late. It seems that work has taken over, needed vehicle repairs are running rampant and all I do is work, eat, sleep, and repe… Read More
After a current experience I've come to the realization that some people is just not meant to cross paths. I met someone the other day that I thought would be nice for conversation. We even connected to chat when I'm not at work but it ended really before it began. She is suppose to be going to co… Read More
Noah and Anna was walking together through an open pasture with tall grass and huge rocks. They happen to come across a woman sitting on the ground beside a stone entryway to the village where they lived. Noah knew something was wrong and and knelt down beside the woman taking both of her hands i… Read More
With the latest decree out of the Obama Administration, it definitely defines his ill-advised pen welding abilities. Signed by the Justice Department and Education Department under the Obama Administration, they will basically be telling everyone within the nation that Transgender bodies are chauvi… Read More
If you travel around the neighborhood in the Belhaven area of Jackson, you will notice graffiti stenciled on the stop signs at intersections. "Hate" is the word that has been stenciled on the stop signs. Put the two words together and it says "Stop Hate". Whither the vandalism was done by student… Read More
The owner and operator of City-Cab condones the harassment towards Uber drivers and drivers of other taxi services in the city of Jackson. Profanity has been observed to be used by the driver known as BB, formally known as Bobby Brooks, towards other company drivers as well as taking pictures of pas… Read More
This is a business review for Sonic America's Drive-In Hwy 51, Ridgeland, MS. I arrived at Sonic around 09:25 p.m. on Friday, April 22, 2016. Most of the stalls in the entrance and the drive thru was full so I picked a stall on the other side. It didn't take me long to decide what I wanted and I p… Read More