Operating a taxi without a business license issued by the City of Jackson is apparently against the law and warrants a field arrest and ticket, regardless of what city issued the current business license. A few months ago I'd been served a citation for just that, in the midst of continuous harassmen… Read More
January 20, 2017, will go down in the record books for being the most monumental day in history when the Republican, President-Elect, Donald John Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. Friends, family, and many onlookers joined as the inauguration began. Michael Ri… Read More
I first started picking up calls for Taxi Tim around November 2015, I figured that the company would be a great opportunity and for me to pay my bills and gain some experience. When I first started working for Taxi Tim, I was told, that if I found a couple people that liked me as their driver, I co… Read More
Veteran's Cab 318, is still at their old scheme. I was parked at Exxon on High Street in Jackson this evening around 6:30PM. While I was minding my own business, playing on my laptop, I noticed a Veteran's Cab at the fuel pump. I didn't think anything of it because most Veteran's Cab drivers doesn't… Read More
Everyone has heard of the investment app called Acorns. It's similar to Betterment and Motif. Acorns monitors your bank transactions and rounds up each transaction to the nearest dollar. When the round-up reaches the threshold of $5.00, it transfers it to their firm, where they invest in diversified… Read More
There's a new Taxi Ordinance draft governing taxi companies in Jackson Mississippi that has been in limbo for the past month. This subject has been in discussion for almost two years, dating back to late 2014 with companies asking for more lenient guidelines for companies operating Vehicles-for… Read More
We've heard about taxi drivers around the world being petty when it comes to competition. With many news articles casting a pretty dark shadow between taxi drivers and Uber drivers. It shouldn't be a surprise when it comes to taxi drivers harassing other drivers from neighboring cities. This is an… Read More
This store is new and shares a lot of characteristics like that of other Love's Country Stores around the country shares. I purchased gasoline at this location and the pay-at-pump reader worked and the printer had paper to print my receipt. I was immediately greeted when I walked in the door and w… Read More
Looking for a place to go out and have a few drinks? Maybe want to meet up with a few friends, eat some good food, and listen to a concert? Martin's is the place to be. The bartender, Meridith, as well as the waitresses, Ms. Pam, and Marie, goes out of their way to make sure you're taken care of! Y… Read More
With the introduction of UberXL in Jackson, Mississippi, I decided I wanted to eliminate my chances of getting X calls in my Grand Caravan. After 4 days and an unknown amount of emails later, Uber Support finally provisioned my account to receive only XL requests on one of my vehicle profiles. I ow… Read More