July 1, 2016, Mississippi Governor signed Transportation Network Company Act into law outlining specific rules that Transportation Network Companies has to comply with when they do business in the state of Mississippi. I have encountered an instances where Uber violated these rules after lobbying fo… Read More
We all know how shopping for affordable vehicle insurance is a pain. While many insurance companies offer very low rates, you may quickly find out that your insurance company does not cover you or your vehicle if you are involved in an accident if you drive for a Rideshare or Transportation Network … Read More
The Latest bashing of President Trump comes from him referring to the Cabinet Room at the White House as "the boardroom". Grammar-Fascists jumped right on this one filling Twitter with more hate and ridicule. Merriam Webster defines Boardroom as:Boardroom noun: a room where the group of people who… Read More
I'm sure you've seen pop-up car sales in an empty parking lot. At these events, salesmen tout car buyers with guaranteed financing no matter how bad their credit is. What many is not aware of is the outrageous interest rates, overpriced vehicles, and a pocket breaking monthly payment. Let me back… Read More
After about 6 months of not driving at all because of other business obligations, I started driving again for Uber. I drove Tuesday Night, Thursday Night, and Saturday Night, from 7:00PM to 7:00 AM the next morning. It seems that business is picking up a little since the last time I drove in D… Read More
Learning is the strongest suite among all the lousy hands I've been dealt. I'm able to learn at an outstanding rate. It doesn't take much for me to pick up on the basics. From there, learning the nuances of anything is not a challenge! Some may say that I'm a Jack-of-all-Trades, master of a few. I'… Read More
Let me first say that Acorns is a great platform for first time prospective investors to get their feet wet with simple, no nonsense investing. Publicizing my recent interaction with Acorns Customer Service is not an attempt to talk bad or downgrade the service that Acorns provides to the public. I… Read More
When opening the Acorns Investment Mobile App for Android, I noticed the infamous Red icon in the top right of the screen. This designates that Acorns has a problem with a linked account. When I clicked this icon, it took me to my Round Up accounts screen. Again, for the second time this year,… Read More
It has been a month since I started working at Marathon in Philadelphia, MS. I don't want to put anything in writing that would jeopardise my job at the store, but I thought it would be necessary to share my continued experience. I've known the store operator for some time and had become friends be… Read More
"When I am Lonely" is a song written by me to a once close friend. She knows who she is. We were very close once but slowly grew apart. I broke things off, thinking I would pull her down in the way of her education. Wherever she may be, whatever she sets out to do, I pray that she succeeds in eve… Read More