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Life happens. When we run the Raspberry Pi 3 as headless and it comes time to change a setting or upgrade packages, we sometimes find ourselves remembering the password just to learn its the wrong one. Well, this simple but quick password reset for the Pre-installed Ubuntu Server, for the Raspberry… Read More
I have always been against paying school tax to the county and city when I don't have any children attending any school, anywhere. I don't think it is appropriate for adults who pay taxes, should be responsible to pay for someone else's child to go to school. In Neshoba County, Mississippi, and pro… Read More
Back in February 2017, I had a minor fender bender in my 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan. I contracted Shan's Paint & Body to replace a few parts to restore it back to before it was wrecked. I ordered all the parts myself except for the core support and radiator mount. Among purchasing the parts myself… Read More
I purchased this Honda GCV190 engine on eBay from the seller smallenginesforless to replace the motor on my pressure washer when the old Briggs & Stratton 7.75hp decided to give up the ghost. I purchased my Troy-Bilt pressure washer back in 2011 and it was a great little machine, the pump froze… Read More's software works as advertised. Even though the old Clover hardware is plagued with problems. We contacted in 2017 to replace our old broken down Ruby systems after paying another petroleum company over $2,000 total for them to fix them twice because a board kept shorting out an… Read More
In 2017 Nanette and Joshua from sold us two fully working POS registers with scanners, emv card readers, and their software. The software worked great and still does. The problem is with the hardware from FirstData. We started having issues 6 months after installation. The Gaspos software… Read More
With the millions of dollars people spend on Walmart's website that utilizes the Site to Store shipping option, you would think that Walmart would have accurate shipping down pat. I have used Site to Store in the past for a television from the last Black Friday sale, and it was delivered on the esti… Read More
If you want a very lightweight OS for the Raspberry Pi 3, Ubuntu Server is the way to go IMO. There is a couple nuances that we will have to tackle before and after upgrading Ubuntu Server that is specific to the Raspberry Pi that I have encountered. This tutorial will help you get past the conflict… Read More
I am just a hobbyist when it comes to mining. There was not a complete tutorial on how to setup the GekkoScience 2-Pac to mine coins. I gathered the info and compiled this tutorial from watching videos and reading from various forums and websites. All credits to the OPs are linked at … Read More
I don't know what city I was in, assuming it was the city where I live. I rode a bicycle to a convenience store and went inside. When I got to the counter to checkout, my wallet was gone. I ran back outside to where I parked my bike and it was gone. There was several vagrants roaming around outside… Read More