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I went in to a McDonalds and told the cashier I wanted a #8 which was the regular Angus burger. To my surprise, it is being discontinued and replaced with preexisting menu items. We knew it was only a matter of time that this pricey burger was to meet it's doom. Priced at $4.00 and higher in some r… Read More
Are you tired of the normal daily routine? Would you like to find a company that is family oriented and looks after their drivers? Well, look no farther. Southern Refrigerated Transport is looking for Qualified Commercial Drivers that currently hold a valid Class A CDL with at least 8 months OTR … Read More
Who likes Subway? Can I see a show of hands? Looks like a lot of people does. I know I sure do. Although I like most of the food, it's hard to find a Subway that the employees knows how to fix the food to look like the picture on the menu. Customizing your Subway Sandwich is great, but what if I… Read More
Weigh In Motion. Does Louisiana DOT know how to use them or does the officers need more training? That's the question I pose on the supervisors and transportation commissioner in Louisiana. It's got to where, no matter how much my rig's gross weight is, I'm still having to drive through the Weigh S… Read More
There will always be a place for the Big Mac from McDonalds. But what if I wanted something a little smaller with less calories? The Big Mac Snack Wrap is just the menu choice for the occasion. I've asked for it at a McDonalds in North Mississippi and in East Central Arkansas and both times, they w… Read More
On my old website I had an article on Pegasus Transflo! Now. The program set up is still the same. Even with the mobile app for Android and iPhone. Remember, you must know your FLEET ID. If you don't know it, get in touch with the Payroll Department. Get your copy of Pegasus Transflo! Now for your … Read More
Introducing Rippln. A new and exciting program that's expected to sweep the internet by storm. A new way of doing commerce on the internet. Get in on the action today! Click SEND ME AN INVITE for an invite code to get in this exclusive program before it goes public. When you receive your Invitation… Read More
Attend the Summertime Barbecue Blast benefiting Almost Home Animal Rescue. Saturday, May 11th, 2013 from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM or until we run out of food. Location to be Announced. Burger and Hotdog Plates - $9.00 RSVP by going to or Facebook Events.   Proceeds goes … Read More
My Birthday party yesterday was a success! Had 8 folks here which is two more than my last summer barbecue, last year. We had burgers, hot links, hotdogs, shrimp, chicken fries, cheddar peppers, chips & dip, cake and all the ice cream a person could eat. It was wonderful being able to come toge… Read More
Untitled01 It gets to the pointWhere I want a jointTo make me laugh and sing.But I think of anotherAnd remember you my brother (@Jason Shane Denney)Playing with your ding a ling. You move it to the left,You move it to the right.Oh boy, what a sight!But when I walk inYou cover it up again,Especiall… Read More

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