There will always be a place for the Big Mac from McDonalds. But what if I wanted something a little smaller with less calories? The Big Mac Snack Wrap is just the menu choice for the occasion. I've asked for it at a McDonalds in North Mississippi and in East Central Arkansas and both times, they w… Read More
On my old website I had an article on Pegasus Transflo! Now. The program set up is still the same. Even with the mobile app for Android and iPhone. Remember, you must know your FLEET ID. If you don't know it, get in touch with the Payroll Department. Get your copy of Pegasus Transflo! Now for your … Read More
Introducing Rippln. A new and exciting program that's expected to sweep the internet by storm. A new way of doing commerce on the internet. Get in on the action today! Click SEND ME AN INVITE for an invite code to get in this exclusive program before it goes public. When you receive your Invitation… Read More
Attend the Summertime Barbecue Blast benefiting Almost Home Animal Rescue. Saturday, May 11th, 2013 from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM or until we run out of food. Location to be Announced. Burger and Hotdog Plates - $9.00 RSVP by going to or Facebook Events.   Proceeds goes … Read More
My Birthday party yesterday was a success! Had 8 folks here which is two more than my last summer barbecue, last year. We had burgers, hot links, hotdogs, shrimp, chicken fries, cheddar peppers, chips & dip, cake and all the ice cream a person could eat. It was wonderful being able to come toge… Read More
Untitled01 It gets to the pointWhere I want a jointTo make me laugh and sing.But I think of anotherAnd remember you my brother (@Jason Shane Denney)Playing with your ding a ling. You move it to the left,You move it to the right.Oh boy, what a sight!But when I walk inYou cover it up again,Especiall… Read More
Birthday Bash My 1st Annual Birthday Bash will be held Monday, April 22nd, 2013 celebrating my 28th Birthday. We'll be having plenty of great barbecue, socializing with family and friends, and fishing. All family and friends is invited and urged to attend. Don't miss out the fun!   For m… Read More
This review is regarding my visit to Jolly's Restaurant on Friday, April 12, 2013 at 09:12. Parking Lot/Drive-thru/Landscape The lot was preferably clean. Seating Area Inside the restaurant there was a customer at the bar and one in a booth at the back of the restaurant. The carpet in the seatin… Read More
It's been a year since the eldest of the Johnson brothers died. Everyone was gathering together for a Memorial Service to remember Robert. Levi, the youngest, was the host. He had prepared the biggest supper ever. He cooked pork, fresh beans, casserole, cornbread and all the fixings. They both live… Read More
I have frequented this restaurant several times in the past few months. This review is regarding my visit to WHATABURGER Restaurant #497 on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 16:21. Parking Lot/Drive-thru/Landscape As I got out of my vehicle I noticed two cars in the drive-thru. The lot was free of debris,… Read More

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