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A Sheriff Deputy for the Neshoba County Sheriff Department wrote a check for items bought from a private individual. The individual went to the bank to cash the check and the bank informed him that the account the check was written on didn't have any money in it and that the Deputy didn't use that a… Read More
Vaping verb - the practice of inhaling the vapor from heating a liquid, wax, or solid in an electronic cigarette or other atomizer type device that connects to an electrical source. I started vaping March 3rd of this year. I have learned several things during this journey, my first month, of bein… Read More
I was first introduced to the Schick ® Hydro 5 through Crowdtap. Crowdtap is where regular people can help shape products we use everyday! I received a few samples of the Hydro 5 and shared them with my friends and my father. My father and friends liked the samples and coupons I shared with the… Read More
This past week I was able to go by Subway and try out a couple of the Fiery Footlong Collection sandwiches Subway has in lue of the new Hunger Games movie Catching Fire. The first I tried was the Sriracha Steak Melt. I ordered it, compairable to the picture on the menu. I do this to try and get the… Read More
Plantronics wasn't lying about the unsurpassed audio and comfort of the new Voyager Legend! The audio quality is far beyond other compeditor's products on the market today! I am a long-time customer with previously owning several discontinued headsets, the Voyager Legend Pro+ and now the Voyager … Read More
The past two days has been interesting. I was sent to Arkansas to deliver a load. Then on the way to pick up a return load, was asked to take a new driver to recover a truck. Needless-to-say, we still haven't made it there yet. Arkansas is a "black hole" for me. I go there and it takes forever for m… Read More
Here is how I determined how many bundles of shingles I needed to complete the roof. First you measure all the surfaces of the roof. The side of my shed is "Side A". From the drip edge to the peak is "Side B" and "Side C" is the back side and in many cases is the same in dimension as the front on… Read More
This review is regarding my visit to Pilot Travel Center on Saturday, September 22, 2013 between 12:00am and 1:00am. Parking Lot/Drive-thru/Landscape The lot was preferably clean. Pumps The keypad and screen on Pump 21 froze and I had to go inside to authorize my fuel purchase. I got truck diese… Read More
It has come to my attention, from concerned citizens that will remain anonymous, that certain officers working for the Philadelphia Police Department would not allow charges to be filed on someone for theft. This thief took personal property from a house after breaking and entering the person's home… Read More
The kitchen is but just another room. The stove, microwave, and refrigerator is classified as an antique. Unlike 20 years ago, no one cooks anymore. There aren't any home-ec cooking classes in school and no cooking shows on television. doesn't hold recipes but downloadable programming for … Read More

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