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Let me give everyone a little history on this issue. Every insurance company in the country is running for the bunker when a customer that drives for a ride-share company (technology company, as Uber likes to be referred to) calls and asks for insurance. If you by chance obtain a policy by one of th… Read More
We all can recognize the taxicab. We see them in movies, tv shows, airports, and in your own city. The musky smell and overpriced fares is enough to make you wrinkle your nose and drain your wallet. The inconvenience of not knowing the cab company's number to having to wait a long time for a cab tha… Read More
On April 18th I received a notification from the Facebook App for Android that I have been temporarily restricted from liking a Page or following/subscribing to a profile until the middle of May. I was one of many that got hit with this ban for no reason. I wasn't even on Facebook or using the app … Read More
Around 16:00 April 15, 2015 Doug Hughes landed a small, one person helicopter at Capitol Hill in hopes to petition congress for campaign reform after getting the idea from his son dying in a vehicle accident a few years earlier. Mr. Hughes, 61, from Ruskin, FL allegedly informed authorities as well… Read More
I have been looking everywhere for a list of IC2 plants and the more odd ones that are added by other Modpacks... Here is a list that I found on Reddit full credits goes to DoctorOr for posting this list. Crop Type Tier Source Output Wheat I IC2/Vanilla * Pumpkins I IC2/Vani… Read More
It just dawned on me to do a review on the company I work for. I am a driver currently employed by SRT (Southern Refrigerated Transport) on the Tyson Dedicated Division. I have over 3 years experience with SRT from experience with a trainer, team, solo otr, and dedicated. Starting off, my former t… Read More
The wheels turns and the diesel burns as I drive down this road growing ever so dark and cold. I grab a gear and pass by here, a place all drivers dread to cross. With a sign on the road that says Closed I wind on up this old truck as fast as it can go. And then scream on in to where it all began… Read More
Words can not express the deep sympathy that was felt this past Saturday when my Uncle, Curtis, was found laying in the floor. We missed him that morning because he usually walked up to our house every morning and then him and his sister, my mom, would go to town and visit with friends. The conve… Read More
Technic released their new version of Technic Launcher is available today, December 25th. However, if you are new to Minecraft as well as Technic, you might be discouraged when you try and register on the website and receive the following message. This is not exactly what I expe… Read More
I purchased Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for PC from BestBuy the day after it came out because a friend of mine got the PS3 version of the game. I've never been any good with first-person shooter games on consoles but I wanted to try my hand with the PC version. What a mistake I made. Not because i… Read More