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If you've generated an API Token on the Developer Dashboard or successfully made your app CORS compliant, we can now move on to retrieving information from a Merchant's account using the WEB API. Every programmer knows, it's not customary to type the same code over and over for each API call. This … Read More
This is the first iteration in my tutorial for OAUTH 2.0 authorization flow and may change. If you are developing a Web App for Clover Merchants. The best practice is that your app is CORS compliant. This means that your app must gain merchant authorization, receive an Authorization Code, and query… Read More
I have been busy with a new project, creating a Shopping Cart that integrates directly with a Clover merchant's product database and point of sale. This new product will expand a merchant's reach and put products right at the fingertips of potential customers online. With the ability to hide catego… Read More
My elderly 72 year old mother visited the AT&T Mobility retail store in Philadelphia, MS (not an authorized resaler) to pay what was left on a post-paid account that was closed from where the number was switched to pre-paid. The past due, remaining balance that AT&T is demanding is $45, othe… Read More
The Wild Boars soccer team and their coach has been trapped in a flooded part of the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Northern Thailand since June 23rd after going missing from a hike. The boys and their soccer coach entered the cave, this being the second time from a previous experience exploring the c… Read More
The story comes from The Dessert Sun, a newspaper located in Palm Springs, CA reporting on a story all the way in Tennessee. An EMT in Roane County, Tennessee responded to a call at a residence where a person needed emergency medical help, along with several other first responders and the fire depa… Read More
There are a lot of gamers who has left YouTube for Twitch. If you haven't heard or read why, go check out this article from The Guardian to find out more. Let's set aside what anyone thinks about YouTube for a moment and let's focus on Twitch. It's a streaming platform geared towards gamers who str… Read More
It has certainly been a while since I've been to the Dirt Cheap store in Philadelphia, MS. As most of these stores, departments lack any structure whatsoever after the employees stocks merchandise and a horde of customers picks over items. This location used to carry power tools and lawn equipment… Read More
The war started in early April 2018 and continued every other day for almost four weeks. Slowly seeing less and less of the army of German Cockroaches that had invaded my house until I only occasionally see nymphs scurrying around under the hinge cover on the refrigerator. I am obsessive compulsi… Read More
You don't know where they come from. They invade and then breed creating hundreds then thousands of soldiers that continue to reek havoc in your home. They cause food poisoning, staphylococcus, asthma, and a host of other conditions. I'm talking about the German Cockroach. These pests invaded my ho… Read More

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